A mini pre-wedding wedding?

Yes! Why not? This is exactly what a sequel wedding is – a wedding of multiple parts. In 2020, more couples moved to sequel weddings to have their legal registration and ceremony with their limited number of guests, while planning to have the big party at another time. Sequel weddings have been around a long time, and they are by no means new to 2020. You may know someone who had their wedding abroad, or held the ceremony at one time, and the wedding reception at another. Or people who have an interfaith marriage and held two ceremonies so that each of the couple’s cultural heritage and faith could be a part of their wedding.

There are so many reasons that a couple might decide to have their wedding in more than one part, such as if it is an interfaith marriage or marriage of two cultures, if a family member’s health gives cause to get married quickly, to have a destination wedding, or because the couple want to prioritise becoming legally married and have the party later.

We think that mini pre-wedding weddings are a wonderful way to mark the very special occasion. If you can proceed with your registrar to become legally married but are worried about how many people would be in attendance of your reception, a mini wedding with the idea to have the big party later is a very happy middle ground.

Have sequel weddings become more popular?


They’ve certainly grown as a concept and you’ll no doubt have heard people talking about them. In a 2020 survey of more than 400 couples carried out by Hitched.co.uk, 20% of couples in the UK proceeded with their 2020 wedding and hosted a small ceremony with 20 or fewer guests. 71% of couples chose to postpone completely.

How a tipi could be the perfect setting for your sequel wedding


If you’re up for having your cake and eating it too, there’s no reason not to consider whether a sequel wedding is right for you. A tipi could be the perfect setting for a really special day celebrating your legal marriage with just your closest family.

One tipi is 10.3 metres wide with the sides down or 13 metres wide with the sides lifted. With dining tables, a small dance floor or fire pit, you could mark the day with an intimate dinner in a unique setting. We have created single tipi venues in people’s gardens and fields for weddings, family events, Christmas get-togethers and parties.

Having access to land or a large garden has been a feature of all of the smaller celebrations we have worked on over the last few years, simply because couples and families don’t have to splash out on the land hire, but it is always worth checking with village halls and sport clubs whether they would offer land hire for a small event. Gardens and sports clubs are ideal places for small events like this as you’ll have access to toilet and food preparation facilities, which will help keep down costs.

Is a sequel wedding right for our wedding?


Only you and your partner can answer that. Perhaps you have multiple ideas for your wedding, and having a sequel wedding is the right way for you to have the experiences you both want from your day. It could also be that splitting the celebrations into a small, luxuriously wined and dined affair and the big ‘dance all night celebration with everyone on your invitation list’ is a way to get the best of both worlds without breaking the bank.

Planning your wedding is an incredibly exciting journey and it can be whatever you want it to be, and most importantly, it should be what feels right for you as a couple. Whatever you choose to do, you will have an amazing wedding day.

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