4 Tipi Wedding & Event Floor Plans

Tipis are incredibly atmospheric structures and suitable for events all year round. With the possibility of lifting the sides or bunkering down with panoramic window panels and wooden entrance doors, you can create your own unique venue under the tipi canvas, with the flexibility to make your event exactly how you’ve envisioned it.


Four Tipis will provide a suitable space for 120 to up to 200 people. There are a number of reasons why a wedding or event with the smaller number of 120 people may go for 4 tipis. These include…

  • You want a lot of furnishings inside, such as your bar, a fire pit area, indoor sofa area and cake/gift tables.
  • You need more space because you’re seating your guests at round tables.
  • You are using long tables but you want to seat 6 guests at each table instead of 8 per table (long tables are 200cm x 77cm).
  • You want the back up option of being able to host your ceremony inside in the case of poor weather.
  • You just like the idea of having plenty of space for reception drinks and mingling!


We hope that you will find the Tipi Layouts below helpful in planning your own wedding or event. If you have any questions, or would like to receive a full quote, please hit the Quote button at the bottom of the page to get in touch.


Prices for Four Tipi events can be found here – 4 Tipi Prices



You can do so much with 4 Tipis if you are seating only 120 day guests. You can very comfortably have the additional tables to seat 6 people per table rather than 8 per table, or you can use round tables and still have lots of floor space for mingling. Most notably, 4 tipis will give you the space for extra indoor furnishings such as chill out spaces, an indoor bar and cake, gift & guest book tables, and you’ll have the back up option that if the weather is poor, you can also use the tipis for the ceremony.



We love a challenge when it comes to creating our customer’s visions. December 2019, we created a Secret Dance Tipi that was connected to the main tipi area through a tunnel. Read more about our Extras Packages below.



There are different ways to position the 4 tipis. These include the extended triangle, diamond and linear formations. Then there are different places to have your entrance. Your venue will probably influence your choice of entrance position and this isn’t something you need to decide upon early on. Each of the layouts in this article will show different ways of positioning the tipis and the entrances to give you an idea of the different spaces you can create.



The layouts above with long tables for 120 people is set up for 6 people seated at each table. Most couples however choose to seat 8 people per table, so the same layouts would also apply to events of 160 seated guests.

Lots of couples choose to have a combination of benches and chairs, particularly so that older guests and the head table are seated at chairs. Equally, some couples choose to mix up the tables and set up some for 6 people and some for 8 people. This helpful for older guests and guests with restricted mobility.



We loved creating this set up for Clemmie and Max’s wedding. The 22 tables tucked into the top two tipis, with catering entrances into each tipi, created a close dining space, while the dance floor was in the centre tipi and the fire pit and bar were in the entrance tipi. Clemmie and Max focused on bringing the party outside with a roaming band, outdoor fire pits, outdoor sofas and plenty of festoons.

All of the support services (including the catering tents, generator and fridge trailer) were hidden at the back of the tipis, out of sight of the newlyweds and their guests.



180 day guests is the maximum number of seated guests we’d recommend within 4 tipis. Long tables will leave you with more floor space for mingling, while round tables take up more floor space but are more traditional.

If you choose to have round tables, we would suggest considering the following things. You won’t be left with a huge amount of floor space for mingling, dancing and additional furnishings. It might be the case that 5 tipis is more suitable for  your event.


Things to consider…


  • How many evening guests will be coming?
  • Will your bar be inside or will you have a mobile bar outside?
  • Do you want an indoor chill out area or will this be outside – perhaps around an outdoor fire pit?
  • How many extra tables will you need? A cake table, seating plan display, cards & gifts table etc…
  • When deciding your floor plan, do you mind moving a few tables or is this not right for your wedding?


If you’re not sure whether you’ll have enough space, talk to your tipi supplier. You can chat with them about your plans and they’ll be able to make recommendations based on these.



It is easy to assign the job of moving a few tables to the side when the evening entertainment begins to one of your pals. As the tipi canvas slopes upwards towards the centre, you won’t lose any usable space by popping the tables to the side, though we understand if you’d rather create more space another way.

Another option is to use our All Weather Extension Package to create more space. This is a PVC window panel and zip door way, which slots into place where a side is lifted, forming a back wall. This panel can be used as a panoramic window, side entrance and main entrance, with optional wooden doors. It lets in loads of natural light and gives you 30% more usable floor space in 1 tipi.

We think it’s a fantastic option for behind the stage, so that your stage and dance can be set further back, giving you more floor space for dining or your centrepiece cake table, and there’s the added bonus that the band members can use the zip doors to slip in and out without anyone noticing.

View of Cotswold Tipis' Crystal Wall side extension from tipi main entrance
Image of 12-16 person head table in centre of 2 tipis with crystal wall tipi side extension and dance floor to the side

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