Cotswold Tipi Team for Web

Our Mission

To create amazing spaces of wonder for our clients using the power of Tipis. Oh and to have as much fun as possible whilst doing it. (Except while 8m up a ladder… we need to be sensible then). We hire giant tipis for all kinds of events to make them super special…. including weddings, parties, corporate events and festivals….. as well as for extra spaces for hotels and restaurants.

Why the name Cotswold Tipis?

Umm because they are Tipis and we live in the Cotswolds. Also because our Ltd company is called Campingninja and we thought Tipi Ninja sounded a little out there………


Cotswold Tipis is the brainchild of Rhian Evans and Geoff Vaughan. The pair have created, designed, marketed and operated accommodation sites for the biggest events on the planet – Olympics, Commonwealth Games, Edinburgh Festivals, Balloon Fiestas, Charities, Tough Mudders, Tour de France, World Cups, Le Mans 24hr race,  Champions League Finals… you name it.

Since first seeing tipis in 2012, and falling in love with them (or rather becoming obsessed if you’re Geoff), they have been itching to incorporate them into their own events. In 2017 this became a reality at the Champions League Final in Cardiff, Le Mans 24 Heure race, Edinburgh Fringe and other events. 2018 sees the launch of Cotswold Tipis as a hire product after the response from brides, festival organisers, venues and event planners.

We can’t wait to share our amazing tipis with some special people and unique events!



Heads up all things digital at Cotswold Tipis. Oversees the team and balances this with looking after 3 boys – a similar skill set being required for both elements. Rhian is passionate about great customer experience and making sure people have a good time.

A keen rugby player for Bath she has the highest metabolism in the company if not the Cotswolds – is able to consume 4-5 chocolate bars in an afternoon without putting on an ounce of weight. Hails from Wales as the name suggests and best avoided during the Six nations. Holds the office record for the highest number of Martyr points ever received in a week of work. 



Turned up as a volunteer at our Edinburgh Festival Campsite 2 years ago and is still here. Sarah leads our Customer Service team and is the first point of contact for many. Wearing many hats Sarah’s multi-tasking abilities are legendary. Handles wedding planners, new brides, festival organisers, councils and PPI salesmen with aplomb as well as being a Personal Alcohol License Holder…. but only in Scotland.

Balances the workload with long runs, signing up to ‘miserable’ trail marathons, taking weekend breaks to all parts of the UK and planning epic hikes on different continents. 



Looks after the hands on parts of Cotswold Tipis. Geoff manages the build team and will be there on site during any recces, and of course the tipi build, to give a helping hand, offer suggestions and wax lyrical about his beloved tipis. Geoff has years of experience in the field and would happily live in a field given the chance.

Geoff has decided he wants to ‘do’ triathlons. He talks a lot about them and seems to be training but has yet to actually do a race. Geoff has 2 boys, who both speak Spanish better than him after his 8 years of lessons…. however he does a mean Argentine Barbeque and even roasted a whole lamb at his own wedding!