3 Tipi Floor Plan ideas for weddings and events

Three tipis are great for weddings with guest lists of up to 200 people or for weddings where you just want more space. This article is about tipi weddings for between 100 – 160 day guests with floor plans for long banquet tables, ‘fanned’ tables around fire pits and round tables.

These three tipi layouts are priced at between £5395 – £5895, including VAT & the damage waiver fee but excluding delivery.



3 tipis for 100 day guests will allow for a spacious venue and you can see in the layouts below that this will give you a lot of freedom and movement throughout the venue. 1 tipi will hold roughly 80-100 guests standing, so these layouts are perfect for events with 100 day guests + up to 100 evening guests (200 people in total).

With so much space, it’s really up to you what layout you’d like for your wedding or event – this is just an example of some of the options. One of the wonderful things about tipis is how versatile they are as a space. Where your entrance will be and if you would like any of the other sides lifted may also influence your decision. We’re here to help so let us know if you have any questions about this.



If you planning to have round tables, I would personally recommend having the tipis in a triangle formation. The reason for this quite simply is that the floor area is larger when the tipis are in a triangle compared to when they are in a line. Round tables take up more space than long tables and are less versatile in terms of where they can be placed. You can fit up to 6 round tables in one tipi, with up to 10 people at each table.

If you would like to seat more than 120 at round tables, we recommend having 4 tipis.



Again you have a choice of whether you’d like the tipis in a line or in a triangle. These layouts will seat up to 144 people.

The fourth tipi floor plan shown here with the tipis in a triangle with long banquet tables is a great layout option. Long tables like this will really enable you to make the most of the space without the seating spilling over into the entertainment tipi, and the caterers entering via the tipi with the fewest tables means they’ll be able to move around easily as they bring your guests their meals from the catering tent.

3 Giant Hat Tipis set up in a line with outdoor seating, fire pit and festoon lights on wooden poles


160 people is the maximum we would recommend seating in 3 tipis and with this number of guests, you may consider moving up to 4 tipis.

It would be possible to put a head table in the dance floor tipi, creating seating for another 16 people (seated both sides) but you would be compromising on space and your guests won’t have as much room to move about freely. Guests naturally will spill outside but if the weather isn’t in your favour, it may feel a little cramped unless you’re happy to move tables to the side.



Ask a few of your guests before the wedding to be responsible for moving some of the tables to the side when the evening entertainment begins. As the tipi canvas slopes upwards towards the centre, you won’t lose any usable space as the area they’ll slide into will be mostly too low to stand in.

Another option is to use an extension kit to create more space. We have a Crystal Wall Extension, which is a PVC window panel and zip door way. When you lift a side, you normally create an entrance, but this panel fits over the entrance space to create a large window, letting in natural light and giving you 30% more usable floor space in 1 tipi. This is ideal for creating a larger space for your evening entertainment and can also be set up as the tipi entrance for late autumn and winter tipi events. An optional wooden door is also available.

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