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Wedding glamping with direct guest booking service

Offering Glamping at your wedding or event is an awesome way to make your special day last longer. No need to worry about taxis, designated drivers or families needing to put their kids to bed, you’ll be able to spend more time with your friends and family.

At Cotswold Tipis, we want this process to be as stress and admin free as possible. We can take care of your guests bookings and collect their payments directly. We can give you regular updates on who’s booked what, and when we arrive on site to set up the Bell Tents, we’ll give you a plan of which tent belongs to who and label them too.

Below is more information about your Exclusive Wedding Glamping Booking Service…



Your booking page will be unique to you. A password protected page on the Cotswold Tipis website where your guests will be able to book their Bell Tent accommodation at your wedding or event.

We’ll ask you for a few details so that we can create the booking page with all the information required. We’ll let you know as soon as it’s ready and you can request any changes before you share it with your guests.

Next, pass the booking page website address and password to your guests or print it on your wedding invitations.



In order to access your booking page, guests will need to go to your booking page address and enter the password you’ve given them.

Image of Password box to enter Guest Accommodation Booking Page

Your booking page will look something like this. We’ll explain what the tents include, the prices, how they submit their booking form and that we’ll contact them afterwards to confirm their booking and collect their payment.

The booking form will ask for their name, email address and telephone number as well as the number of tents they would like to book, and what bedding they would like in each tent. A Comments box at the end of the form asks them for any further information they’d like to share with us. (Eg. if there will be other guests staying in the tent who are not ordering bedding.)

Image of the booking form that guests would use to book their bell tents directly

Other information we’ll display will be:

  • From when they can arrive
  • By when they need to depart
  • The venue address and any directions if needed
  • Anything else you’d like to say or need them to know

It’s important that your guests know when they need to book by so this will also be on the booking page. If possible, we also suggest this is date is shared along with the website address and password so that they know booking in advance is important. We will confirm a ‘Book By Date’ with you, which is usually 4-6 months before the wedding/event. Beyond this date, guests can still submit their booking forms but we cannot guarantee we’ll have Bell Tents available.



We will speak with you to arrange what date you would like the Bell Tents set up. After we’ve finished setting up, the tents will be labelled with the bookers’ names so you’ll know whose is whose and we’ll also give you a paper copy.

Pretty bell tents in a row at an event



Reserving your date is the first step in creating a Booking Page where your guests can book their Bell Tent accommodation.

Cotswold Tipis ask for a 30% deposit to secure your date and create your booking page. The deposit is refundable and either the full deposit or the deposit minus the delivery fee will be returned to you depending on how many tents are booked.

Our normal process is to ask for the deposit based on the minimum order of 6 tents, then we automatically reserve 2 additional tents for you until the Book By Date. If you know you’ll need more than 8 tents, we highly recommend placing a larger deposit so that these are reserved for your guests.



You can request a quote via the form on our Bell Tent page here.


If you have any questions or would like to chat with us first, send us a message…



Or give us a call…

01453 367667

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