How to provide Glamping accommodation at your wedding

Your wedding day will be incredible, you’ll be surrounded by your family and friends. It’s a huge celebration and hell of a party, and if there’s one thing we know for certain – it’ll fly by. Make the most of your wedding and enjoy your guests company for longer by offering Glamping accommodation at your wedding venue.



Your guests will be able to stay for longer. No need to leave when the pre-booked taxi arrives, or worry that there won’t be a taxi available later on. Your guests will be able to put the kids to bed then rejoin the party, and check on them regularly. There’d be no need for a designated driver, pre-booked taxis and the associated fare costs. And a post-wedding breakfast is a great way to enjoy a relaxed breakfast and spend more precious time with each of your guests before they make tracks.



Glamping is essentially ‘Glamorous Camping’ but is widely considered to be camping in a pre-pitched Bell Tent with all your bedding provided. They’re usually intended just for sleeping in so camping chairs, cooking equipment, plates and cups are not provided.

Cotswold Tipis’ Bell Tents are suitable for up to 6 people, with double and single air mattresses, 13.5 tog duvets and hotel quality linen, fairy lights and rugs.



Your guests will need access to a toilet but you’ll need loos for the wedding anyway. Access to a shower would not be expected. Some venues will have pre-existing toilet and shower facilities if this is important to you.

If guests are staying the night before the wedding, you may want to provide a Pamper Parlour tent, with a table, mirrors and a plug for straighteners.

It will be up to you to tell your guests what they will need to bring or not. For example, if they’re arriving Saturday in time for a midday ceremony, and you’re providing food on your wedding day and breakfast the following morning, chances are they won’t need to bring anything. If you want them to bring their own breakfast, let them know, or ask them to bring something to contribute to a communal breakfast buffet.



1. Check with your venue that guests are allowed to camp. You would expect that in any land/field hire situation this would be okay, but stately homes and hotel grounds may have their own rules.


2. Ask your guests if they’d like to have the option of Glamping – then you’ll be able to see whether there is an interest. In most cases, Glamping companies will have a minimum order so it’s worth checking with your guests if they’d like to stay before committing to hiring Bell Tents.


3. Talk to us! We have different options for booking Bell Tents (see below) and we’re happy to talk through your requirements.


4. When the tents have been set up, make sure that you receive the list of bookings from your Glamping Village provider and a map of who’s camping where. Cotswold Tipis will provide both a map of assigned tents and name labels on the tents so there shouldn’t be any confusion when your guests start to arrive!



Yes we do! Our Honeymoon Bell Tent is a 5 metre diameter Bell Tent featuring the best camping mattress available, the Vango Shangri-La (ooh la la!) Your tent will include luxurious bedding, fairy lights, faux fur rugs, a wicker pouffe and a few other bits and pieces to make it feel extra special.



At Cotswold Tipis, we offer a hassle-free and flexible booking system for your guests to book and pay directly for their own bell tents. You don’t need to deal with the admin, manage their bookings or chase payments – we’ll look after it all for you.

We’ll provide you an exclusive, password protected booking page on the Cotswold Tipis website that you can pop on your wedding invitations. We’ll take a few details from you, such as the venue address, from what time they can arrive and by when they must depart, along any other details specific to your special day that you’d like to share with your guests.

You can ask us at any time who has booked, and we’ll provide you a list of bookings when we set up along with the plan of who is staying in which tent, and of course each tent will be labelled so guests will know which is theirs.

Find out more about our Exclusive Wedding Glamping Booking Service here.