We believe that it is our responsibility to run our business in the most environmentally and ethically responsible way possible. We want to leave things better than we’ve found them and we believe our customers do too. We all love tipis because they inherently feel connected with nature, with their beautiful hand-whittled wooden poles, natural architecture and organic feel. So it only makes sense that by loving tipis, we’ll also do everything in our power to love the earth.

Why we chose Kata Tipis

We were first introduced to Giant Tipis at an event in 2012. We’ve been working in the events industry since 2009, though it was only in 2017 that Geoff ‘s dream finally came true and we got our beautiful tipis. It was our priority then to make sure our tipi purchase was environmentally responsible and would support quality British manufacturers. Enter Kata Tipis.


First of all, the wood used to create our tipis come from UK forests that are part of a sustainable forest management plan approved by the Forestry Commission. These have to meet the criteria set by FSC (Forestry Stewardship Council) where all woodlands are replanted after felling. The logs are hand-whittled in Hertfordshire and the canvases are stitched in the Peak District. Because they’re hand-whittled, each one is unique, and this texture adds to the natural feel of the tipis.


Kata Tipis’ sustainable ethos is at the centre of their business, their tipis are of the highest quality and made to last, and we were happy to invest in British craftsmanship and manufacturing by buying with Kata Tipis.

Our Net Zero Action Points



Our office uses green office supplies, LED lights, avoids printing and our heating is on a timer. Our small Open Day brochures are printed on recycled paper with environmentally friendly ink.



Our tipis are made in the UK by Kata Tipis’ craftspeople with locally sourced materials. Each tree used to make the poles is part of a sustainable forest management plan approved by the Forestry Commission where all woodlands are replanted after felling.



Our event equipment is high quality and carefully maintained so it both looks great at your event and is made to last. We’re careful about our supply chain to ensure that equipment is produced in an ethically responsible way and that everyone involved works in good and safe conditions and are paid fairly.



We try to minimise our travel by working from home and car sharing where possible. Our fuel emissions are offset as part of our Carbon Emissions Offsetting. 



Each year, we calculate our annual carbon footprint and donate to carefully selected Carbon Offsetting projects around the world by buying Plan Vivo certificates. These will benefit the planet for years to come and provide long-term income to communities living in areas that are vulnerable to climate change.



Where we can’t provide something, like toilets and generators, we recommend local suppliers. Choosing a local supplier means they’ll be nearby in case there are any issues and those service providers are travelling fewer miles.

Our Commitment to the Future

Working towards carbon-neutrality is always going to be a work in progress and there will always be room for improvement. We formally review our Sustainability Policy annually but being a small team, we’re also lucky that we can make changes and improve our practices as and when we see something that can be changed.


Carbon offsetting enables us to offset the emissions we can’t currently avoid. We’re committed to working with accredited, ethical carbon offsetting projects to make sure that we’re paying fairly to help develop these projects. We have chosen to work with C Level, who partner with award-winning charity Plan Vivo, to purchase Plan Vivo Certificates to pay towards carbon offsetting projects in India, Nicaragua and Tanzania.


Find out more about Plan Vivo here.


Read our full Sustainability Policy here.

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