At Cotswold Tipis we have developed, created and rigorously tested our own universal tipi hard standing anchorage kit which can be used to erect tipis manufactured from any tipi company including Kata Tipis, Tentipi and The Tipi Company.


The tipi hard standing anchorage kit is all made locally to us and includes all steel plates and the necessary attachments and can be used on any hard surface without needing to attach anything to the surface itself. Kits also come with full instructions including images and videos on how to use the kit.


Our kits have been approved and tested by Kata Tipis and have been used by us and several other tipi companies in hard standing tipi projects over the last year including being used for 2 months of Winter and exposed to harsh conditions over last Christmas at Gloucester Quays.A set of super strong steel plates with “boots” to put feet in. Tipi poles of all shapes and sizes from all manufacturers will fit.Adjustable mechanism to keep foot of pole in place in the boot.A ballast weight is put in place on the steel plate so the boot and foot cannot move.A timber frame is connected between each steel plate to create a rigid shape.The sides of the canvas are attached to the timber frame and steel plates using existing straps. The timber frame has d-rings attached to strap the canvas to.

Standalone or multiple kits available - we have created hardstanding base plates for the points where tipis join together.

Can be used on any type of hard standing surface.

All makes of tipi from any manufacturer can use this kit including Kata Tipis, Tentipi and The Tipi Company.

Extra steel plates available for crystal doorway poles and other possible configurations.

Easily manoeuvrable and can be used in awkward spaces.

Full instructions included with helpful images and how to videos. Phone support also given.

N.B. The timber framework is not included as it is far easier and cheaper for you to source this locally. We provide all dimensions and type of wood you need to get. We also do not sell ballast weights; we generally hire in, or get the client to hire in an appropriate set of ballast weights appropriate for the job. We can recommend what you would need to order. We use ballast weights which are manoeuvrable by pallet truck so no fork lift required for hard standing jobs. 


JUST ASK – we are really happy to talk through your needs and projects you might need the hard standing kits for. We can also create bespoke kits as well and can also sell additional double or single plates…..


MAKE AND ORDER OR ENQUIRY – please get in touch with us at or call us on 01453 367667