There are many different configurations possible with the tipis and they can be joined together in various ways to create a space which is right for your wedding or event. 


Inside we can provide as much or as little as you need. We have the lighting, the lovely matting and rustic benches and chairs, large fire pit, dance floor etc. We pride ourselves on being able to source anything our customers might need or require whether it’s toilets or strings of origami birds. We also know that many people are very happy to sort lots of details out themselves. Basically, we’ll be involved as much or as little as you need us to be…


Below are a few examples of the many possible tipi configurations. 


Prices listed are a guideline as each event is unique. They are based on a hire period of 48hrs. We would love to put together a full quotation for you, based on your exact requirements… just get in touch.


Prices include VAT @ 20%, and full set-up and take down of the tipis and equipment, but do not include delivery/collection charges or our optional damage waiver insurance.


    • 160 People Seated

    • 20 Tables (seating 8)

    • 38 Benches

    • Matting

    • Fairy Lights in 2 tipis

    • Spotlights in 1 tipi

    • Dancefloor

    • £4879


      • 112 People Seated

      • 14 Tables (seating 8)

      • 28 Benches

      • Matting

      • Fairy Lights in 2 tipis

      • Firepit

      • Dancefloor

      • £3482


    • 64 People Seated

    • 8 Tables (seating 8)

    • 16 Benches

    • Matting

    • Fairy Lights in 1 tipi

    • £1754

*All example prices include VAT, but do not include damage insurance or delivery. They are based on a 48 hr hire. Many other items can be included in a package – these are just standard examples.