Bell Tents for Weddings, Festivals, Parties and Corporate Events

Camping is a great addition to any Tipi event, wedding or festival. Offering camping solves the problem of ensuring there is enough accommodation for your guests and helpers. Your happy campers will be able to enjoy themselves without inhibition – no designated driver, no having to call it a night when the taxi arrives and it’s a great option for guests with children. If you are going full DIY, camping is a great way for your wedding helpers to stay with you while setting up or being on hand for those finishing touches.


Bell Tents are wonderfully charming, and a great way to enjoy the outdoors and create additional accommodation. They are aesthetically pleasing; white canvas circular tents with a central pole and half-moon side vents that let natural light flood in. They are spacious, with standing height throughout.


We can’t really emphasise enough how much camping could impact your guests’ and your own experience at your wedding or event. Being able to stay on site is so valuable, and the prospect of getting up in the morning to share breakfast with the wedding party, friends, family takes the pressure off your special day. It will go fast enough as it is, make the most of it.

Cotswold Tipis Bell tents at Le Mans 2017 private event

Bell Tents look fantastic

Cotswold Tipis Bell Tent interior view close up

Create bespoke accommodation for your guests

Interior of Cotswold Tipis Bell Tent

Give your guests a great night's sleep

We can also provide some regular pre-pitched tent options for you to offer your friends and family which could prove a little more cost effective and are really good options for a festival style wedding or event.

Cotswold Tipis Group or Family Tent

We have a range of tents for families, groups of friends and couples.

Cotswold TIpis Tents nestled by a lake

FInd the right spot and stay up til dawn if you want to!

"We setup a bell tent village in the field next to the big Tipi. It was so much fun waking up in a field with all our friends and family around us. "



Here at Cotswold Tipis, we’ve got years of experience in creating campsites at major world-class events… that’s how we began. Adding a camping element is another level when it comes to planning a wedding, event or festival, but don’t worry, we know exactly what you’ll need to pull it off without any issues. 


We’ve worked with a number of clients before at both private and corporate events, creating campsites for between a handful and thousands of guests. We work hard to make sure the campsite is what you need, and we understand the detail required to make every element of their stay super comfortable. The whole thing has to run like clockwork and we’re really confident that we can deliver that for you, and we’ll be there – in person or on the end of the phone throughout your booking with us to make sure that you’re happy. We’re here to help.


We have many options available for bell tent and other tent hire including fully erected and kitted out with duvets etc, or just hired as is and your guests bring their own stuff. We’ve also got loads of other peripherals available for hire like gazebos, deck chairs, solar lights etc. Prices are very dependent on volume you require, how much kit you need included and what else you are hiring alongside, so it’s best to get in touch with us to have a chat through your options and we can easily give you a rough figure to work with…

So, please either fill in our form which will wing it’s way to us straight away, or simply give us a call or email us directly…

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